GHS searching for a new principal

With Geneseo High School principal Travis Mackey retiring at the end of the current school year, Geneseo CUSD #228 will hire a new high school principal for 2022-23 and beyond.


The primary function of the role is to serve as the instructional leader and administrative officer of GHS, responsible for the instructional program, organization and operation of the school, the supervision of teachers, other personnel, and all activities.


Other aspects of the role include:


A) Facilitating a Vision of Learning:

  • Support the beliefs and attitudes that form the basis of the educational value system of the school.
  • Assist in developing and maintaining the goals of the School Improvement Plan including data management.

B) School Culture and Instructional Program:

  • Attend, participate and/or lead school-related meetings such as staff, departmental, team, IEP, 504, McKinney/Vento, etc.
  • Supervise extracurricular athletics and activities.
  • Supervise the student body before, during, and after school.
  • Promote and uphold a positive building climate.

C) Management:

  • Supervise conduct within the school and oversee all disciplinary procedures, keeping records of any disciplinary action.
  • Supervise the instructional program by observing classrooms and activities.
  • Supervise teachers as they implement the curriculum.
  • Evaluate personnel in accordance with district guidelines.
  • Interview and select staff, ultimately making hiring recommendations collaboratively with other district administration.
  • Be fiscally aware and help with maintaining effective operations.
  • Assist in the preparation of teacher and student handbooks.
  • Administer school rules regarding attendance.
  • Assist in the preparation and organization of student and faculty schedules.
  • Cooperate to conduct safety inspections and safety drill activities.
  • Assist in complying with state and federal laws and state board mandates.

D) Collaboration with Families and Community:

  • Serve with parent, faculty and student groups as requested to advance educational and related activities and objectives.
  • Promote a positive working relationship between the school, the community and other educational agencies that work with the school.
  • Be visible and/or involved in community extra-curricular activities and athletics.

E) Acting with Integrity, Fairness, and in an Ethical Manner:

  • Be a positive role model and district representative.


GHS Principal