5-17-21:  Hallway Padlocks

Hallway locker padlocks are to be taken home and brought back next fall.  If your padlock has been lost or stolen, please stop by the Athletic Office to purchase a new one.  Padlocks left on lockers after the last day of school will be considered lost and you will be charged a $10 lost padlock fee.  If you won’t be returning in the fall, please turn in you padlock to the Athletic Office.


5-17-21:  Boys Cross Country

Attention anyone interested in boys cross country for the fall of 2021.  There will be a short informational meeting on Tuesday morning at 7:45.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Ehlert.


5-17-21:  Girls Tennis

Girls Tennis Players:  If you are going out for Girls tennis, please sign up with Coach Reed in the Commons on Friday the 14th and Tuesday the 18th, and get a tennis summer schedule for the 2021 season.


5-17-21:  Mask Reminder

Attention Students:  This is a reminder that masks are to be worn in all areas of the building.  It is important that everyone wears their mask properly over their mouth and nose.  If you are not wearing your mask correctly, staff members will ask you to do so.

Athletes and students in after school activities are also asked to wear masks properly at all times throughout the building.


5-17-21:  Geneseo Music Fest Queen Candidate Info Sheet

Attention Seniors:  If you are interested in participating in the Rotary Geneseo Music Fest Queen Pageant, please pick up a form in the Front Office.


5-17-21:  Senior Final Reminders

Seniors Final Reminders


5-17-21:  Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen Final Reminders

GHS Final Reminders


***End Of Announcements For The Current Date***

Senior Reminders and Important Dates School Messenger 032621


5-14-21:  Laps for Luke – Southwest Alumni

Attention seniors who are alumni of Southwest Elementary, please join your fellow classmates at Southwest Elementary walking track on Tuesday, May 18 at 11:00 am. Come and take some “Laps for Luke” as we honor your milestone of high school graduation and remember and smile for our friend Luke Teerlink.


5-14-21:  2021-2022 Schedule Previews 

2021-2022 schedule previews will be open for viewing in the student Skyward account during the week of May 10-14, opening at 8:00 AM on the 10th, and closing at 2:00 PM on the 14th. If you are interested in requesting a course change, please fill out a Course Change Form and email to, or drop off in the Counseling Office.

Please make sure to include a compelling educational reason for the change, and a replacement course. The form must be returned by 2:00 PM on May 14th for the change request to be considered. If approved, the change will be reflected in the schedule when they re-open August 5th. If the change was denied, you will receive an email from your counselor. If you have general questions regarding your schedule, please contact your counselor.

*Please note, there may be hour/teacher changes before schedules re-open after Summer Break. This preview is not a final schedule, and is not guaranteed for the 2021-2022 school year.*

*Behind the Wheel will be scheduled at a later date, if you are on the roster for Behind the Wheel for the 2021-2022 school year, you will see it at the top of your schedule, in the 00 hour time slot. If you do not see BTW, please contact to be added to the roster.*


5-13-21:  Class Officers Announced 

Congratulations to the Class Officers recently elected for the 2021-22 school year

Class of 2024

President-Russell Brown

Vice-President-Ella Pettit

Secretary-Olivia Marshall

Treasurer-Mia Kelly


Class of 2023

President- Tyle Gehl

Vice-President-Taylor Davis

Secretary-Joselyn Reisner

Treasurer-Calvin Pettit


Class of 2022

President-Olivia Egert

Vice-President-Carson Raya

Secretary-Eliza Farley

Treasurer-Connor Ellis


5-11-21:  Class Officer Elections

Attention Classes of  2022, 2023 and 2024. The Class Officer election is now open. Please check your email for a Google ballot and vote for your class officers for next year. The election will remain open until 11:59 on Tuesday, May 11.


5-11-21:  ID Pick Up During Lunch

All grades, please pick up your ID during lunch if you have not yet done so, or checked to see if you have one.
The ID’s will be in the cafeteria near the Chalkboard .


5-7-21:  Class Officer Petitions Available 

Attention Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors–Would you like to be your Class President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer?  Class Officer petitions are now available for the 2021-2022 school year.  Pick one up from Mrs. Brewer in Room 26 or Mrs. Laingen in Room 19. All petitions need 25 signatures and must be returned by Friday, May 7. Candidates will be placed on a ballot for a class election.  Class officers are members of the Student Council and are expected to fulfill all membership duties.


5-7-21:  GSA Meetings 

The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) will now be meeting every Friday at 2:00pm in the Art Room #25. All are welcome and none are restricted.


5-5-21:  Maplette Tryouts

If you are interested in trying out for Maplettes, please pick up a packet in the Front Office.


5-3-21:  Harry Potter Club Meeting

The next Harry Potter Club meeting will be on Monday May 3rd @ 2 P.M. in Mrs. Snook’s room # 41.


4-30-21:  Cheerleading Tryouts 

Cheerleading tryout paperwork can be picked up in the Athletic Office.

All paperwork is due back by Friday, April 30th.

Clinic dates are:

Sunday: May 9th 12-2

Monday: May 10th 6-8

Tuesday: May 11th 6-8

Tryout day is Friday: May 14th.


4-29-21:  Senior Baby Photo Reminder

Seniors, please check with your parents to see if they have submitted a baby photo of you for the Senior Baby Photo slide show.  If they have not, the directions and final deadline is listed below.


  • –  Choose only 1 photo, we can only post 1 photo per Senior.
  • –  Photos should be somewhere from newborn – 5 years old. We are looking for pictures before they entered Kindergarten.
  • –  Please include the student’s name somewhere in the email.
  • –  Email 1 photo to Kris VanVooren
  • –  Photos are due by Thursday, April 29.


4-27-21:  Vote for Student Council President

Attention Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors: Please take the opportunity to vote for Student Council President for the 2021-22 school year. Look in your email for the ballot sent on Sunday from Mrs. Brewer. The election will be open until 11:59 tonight. We have two excellent candidates who deserve your vote.


4-23-21:  AP Exam Payments 

ATTENTION AP STUDENTS: Payment for AP Exams is due by Friday, April 30th. Exams are $95 per exam. You may pay online by credit card through the high school Webstore. You may pay by cash or check in the counseling office during school hours. Contact Mrs. Ator in the counseling office with questions.


4-20-21:  Homecoming Elections

Attention all students, please check your school email and be sure to vote for the Homecoming Court, this is a different election from last week. The entire school can vote for the Senior court as well as voting to choose your class attendants. Voting is open now and will close at 11:59 Tuesday night.


4-20-21:  Prom Tickets – Last Chance To Purchase 

Last chance to pick up Prom Tickets will be on Tuesday April 20th between 7:30 and 8:00 AM or between 1:20 and 3:00 P. M. in front of the main office. Guest tickets will be available at this time for individuals who turned in verification forms already.


4-16-21:  Spirit Dress Up Days 

Hey GHS we are having a Delayed Homecoming Week. The theme is Looking Back—2020 Vision.

Spirit Days for the Week of April 19-23 will be as follows:

Monday- Character Day, Pick your favorite Character

Tuesday- Throwback/Decade Day, Choose a decade and dress in 70’s, 80’s or 90’s

Thursday- Hawaiian Day

Friday-School Spirit Day, dress in your team or club shirt or any Geneseo attire

All dress up outfits must follow the school dress code

In addition to the Spirit days there will also be a Homecoming Court that will be introduced at the last home football game on Friday, April 23. All students have been sent an email from Mrs. Brewer will a ballot to nominate your class homecoming candidates. Check your email and vote today. Voting will close on Thursday at 3:00 pm. An all-school election will take place next week.

Get your votes in and your outfits ready for a fun Delayed Homecoming next week.


4-16-21:  Prom Tickets

Prom tickets will be sold on Thursday April 15th and Friday April 16th between 1:20 and 3:00 P.M. Tickets are free. Tickets are required to enter prom. Remote learners must come to the school to pick up their ticket. You cannot pick up a ticket for anyone else. Coop students who leave school early need to see Mrs. Snook about their ticket.

Guest verification forms need to be emailed to Mrs. Snook by Tuesday April 13th. Any student with unserved discipline needs to complete it by Friday April 16th so that they can purchase their prom ticket.


4-16-21:  GHS Lip Dub

The first ever GHS lip dub will start filming this week! All are encouraged to participate. If you would like your sport/club/group involved, please email Mrs. McDermott at ASAP.


4-15-21:  Student Council President Petitions

Would you like to be the 2021-22 Student Council President? Petitions are now available from Mrs. Laingen or Mrs. Brewer. Interested candidates must be a current Junior with one year of Student Council experience. All petitions require 50 signatures and are due Friday, April 16.


4-15-21:  Attention Seniors 

If you are entering the military after graduation, please let Mrs. Harrington in the Front Office know.


4-15-21:  Graduation Speeches 

Attention Seniors:  Are you interested in giving a speech at graduation?  All graduating seniors are eligible to submit a speech for consideration.  Two speeches will be chosen by a committee and those students will read their speeches at the graduation ceremony.  If your speech makes it to the final round, you will be notified by April 23.

Speeches must meet the following criteria:

200-400 words

typed format with your name on it

The speech does not have to be a particular subject matter but needs to be positive and represent the class of 2021

Speeches are due in the Front Office by Thursday, April 15 at 3:00 p.m.


4-14-21:  Juniors & Seniors Open Campus Lunch 

Great news for juniors and seniors! Your first Open Campus Lunch opportunity will be this Friday, April 16th. To qualify, you need to have a Semester 2 grade of D+ or higher in all classes and have no unserved discipline. Eligibility will be determined on Wednesday morning. Eligibility notices will be distributed in the morning of Open Campus Lunch day, Friday, April 16th. Students who qualify will have additional time for lunch. If you receive a notice, please be sure to read it for your exact leaving and return times.


4-14-21:  Favorite Lunches Senior Survey 

Seniors:  Please check your email and fill out our survey before April 15th.


4-13-21:  Tuesday, April 13 Schedule

On Tuesday, April 13, Juniors will take the SAT at school. Freshman, Sophomores, and Seniors will not attend in-person on Tuesday, April 13. April 13 will be a remote school day for Freshman, Sophomores, and Seniors.

Junior students should arrive by 7:45 a.m. on April 13. Testing will begin at 8:00 a.m. Room assignments where each student will test will be posted near each entrance & on the main bulletin board. Students should bring only what they need for testing: #2 pencils (not mechanical), calculator, water bottle, & small snack if desired. Lockers will not be available; personal belongings will be stored in a designated area in the testing room. Again, lockers will not be available. Students should be done testing by 1:00 p.m and will be allowed to leave the building once completed unless parents notify the main office otherwise.


4-12-21:  Seniors in STRIVE 

Seniors in STRIVE are reminded that your final STRIVE meeting is tomorrow morning at the Geneseo Public Library at 11 am.  See Ms VanDerLeest if you have questions.


4-9-21:  Junior & Senior Open Campus Lunch

We have good news for juniors and seniors! Your first Open Campus Lunch opportunity will be Friday, April 16th. To qualify, you need to have a Semester 2 grade of D+ or higher in all classes and have no unserved discipline. Eligibility will be determined on Wednesday morning next week. Eligibility notices will be distributed in the morning of Open Campus Lunch day, Friday, April 16th. Students who qualify will have additional time for lunch. If you receive a notice, please be sure to read it for your exact leaving and return times.


4-9-21:  Volunteers Needed

The PTA is looking for a few volunteers to help with the concession stand.  Here is the link for the signup.  There are two –  2 hour time slots for each game.


4-9-21:  Gay Straight Alliance

The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is officially starting up again! The first meeting will be held on Friday April 9th after school at 2:00pm. The meetings will occur every other Friday in Art Room #25. All are welcome and none are restricted.


4-9-21:  Senior Thespians 

To all Senior Thespian Students:  To see if you qualify, please see the list on the bulletin board outside of Mr. LaCroix’s room near the dressing rooms.  If you wish to be included, please initial in front of your name.  Please sign up by the end of the day on Friday, April 9, 2021.


4-8-21:  Harry Potter Club 

Harry Potter Club will be on Thursday, April 8th at 2:00 PM in Mrs. Snook’s room # 41.


3-26-21:  Q3 Report Cards

Q3 Report Cards are posted in the student’s portfolio in Skyward.


3-26-21:  Last Chance To Order A Yearbook 

This is the last week to order a yearbook via Skyward Webstore or through our publishing company  Cost is $70


3-26-21:  Boys Track

Anyone interested in Boys Track, please stop by Mr. Deets’ room #32 to sign up and pick up an information sheet for the season.


3-26-21:  Volleyball Game Student Tickets

We will be allowing 50 students to attend the next FOUR home volleyball games!

These games are: Thursday (3/25 6pm vs. Moline), Saturday (3/27 9am vs. Sherrard & Riverdale), next Tuesday (3/30 6pm vs. Galesburg), and the Tuesday we return from Spring break (4/6 6pm vs. Sterling).

Students may attend both sophomore and varsity games in the Main Gym on those nights (sophomores play before the varsity at 5pm and there are only varsity games this Saturday).

We cannot allow students in the GFAC for freshmen games – SORRY!


Any HS student may sign up in the Athletic Office beginning at 8am. Once a game is full we will not allow anyone to sign up for that game. There will be no tickets issued – only your name on the sheet. When you arrive at the game we will check you in and students will sit in the balcony (like we normally do).  No one will be allowed to sign up past 3pm on any day.  You may only sign yourself up. You cannot sign up your friends. They must come to the office themselves.

Since all volleyball games are indoors you will be expected to stay 3 feet apart and wear a mask at all times. If you do not, you will be removed from that game AND any future games you signed up for. (Every other seat in the balcony is 3 feet apart)


3-26-21:  Soccer Game Student Tickets

We are excited to announce we will be allowing students into the soccer games as well. To get tickets just stop by the Athletic Office and sign up (anyone can sign up). We will give you tickets to all 4 home games at once.


3-22-21:  Butter Braid Pick Up

Attention Sophomores, butter braid drive up/pick up is Monday, March 22 from 4-6pm. Pick up will take place in the front of GHS and the sophomore officers and sponsors will get your order ready for you. Thank you so much for supporting your class!


3-19-21:  Seniors in STRIVE

Seniors in STRIVE – don’t forget to submit your feedback forms found in the STRIVE classroom this week.

Your final STRIVE meeting will be April 13 at 11 am at the Geneseo Public Library.


3-19-21:  Musical/Play Project

In lieu of our regular spring musical and fall play, we are putting together a musical/play project.  Our project would have three components. There would be the opportunity for singing, acting in short skits, and seniors with previous involvement in GHS plays and/or musicals would have a short time to have a “senior cameo.”  For more information on this project, please join the Remind class “2021 Musical/Play Project” with code number 7afkc7 or email Mr. DePauw at his school email address.  The project is open to all eligible students.  Depending on interest levels, there may be an audition process.


3-19-21:  Football Game Student Tickets 

We are excited to announce we will be allowing 200 students into the game this Friday! You must be eligible to attend and cannot be on social probation (Assistant Principal’s Office can tell you if you are on that). You may only sign yourself up and only 1 ticket will be given to you when you sign up. These tickets can only be used by the student who signs up and you must sit in the student section (these tickets are different than the other tickets we have given out).




3-19-21:  Local Scholarship Information for Seniors

Applications for local scholarships are available online on the Counseling website.  These applications must be completed and submitted online before 3:15 p.m. on Friday, March 19th. This is an absolute deadline.


3-18-21:  Friday Spirit Dress Up Day 

Get ready for a little more March Madness and get your spirt dress up day ready for this FRIDAY, March 19. The theme this week is Class Color day!
Seniors wear Red, Juniors wear Blue, Sophomores wear White , Freshman wear Purple and Staff wears Green.
Have some fun and dress up this Friday, all participants will receive a March Madness ticket and at the end of the month a $100 winner will be drawn out. Place your tickets in the bucket located outside the main office.


3-18-21:  Pledge of Allegiance 

Attention Students:  If you would like to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and lunch menu in the morning over the intercom, please stop by the Front Office to sign up.


3-17-21:  Link Crew Applications

Attention all students interested in Link Crew: Applications are due Wednesday, March 17th, by 10pm.  No late applications will be accepted. Remember, even if you were in Link Crew this year, you have to apply again for next year. Thanks!


3-16-21:  Boys Tennis

If you are going out for boys tennis, please sign up with Coach Plant in room 7 and get a tennis practice calendar for this year.


3-10-21:  FFA Picture Thursday

The FFA picture will be Thursday morning at 7:45 a.m. in room 36 (Ag room).


3-9-21:  Hats and Hoods Reminder

Students please remove your hats and hoods.  They are to stay in your locker since they should not be worn at anytime. This includes keeping them off in the hallways and during lunch.


3-9-21:  Lunch Information

There will not be assigned locations for lunches.  After receiving your lunch, students may eat in the cafeteria, commons, library lobby, or in the bleachers in the gym.  During lunch, all students should be 6-feet apart from others.  Please find a dot on a table, desk, or in the bleachers in which to eat and remain in that location for the lunch period.  If you do need to get up, please remember to place your mask back on.  Please help out our custodial and cafeteria staffs by picking up all trash at the conclusion of the period.


3-9-21:  Serving Detentions

In order to participate in Spring activities, past due discipline must be served.  AM detentions can be served with Mrs. Ganson in room 23 from 7:25 am to 7:55 am.  PM detentions may be served in room 14 with Ms. Schnowske from 2:05 pm to 2:35 pm.


3-9-21:  Radio Club Meeting

GHS Radio Club will meet Tuesday, March 9th after school in the radio studio.  Any students with an interest in radio broadcasting are invited to attend.


3-9-21:  Prom

Prom will be held here at the high school on Saturday May 15th from 8- 11 P.M. Formal dress will be expected at Prom. Dancing as well as other games and activities will be offered at Prom. Students will be able to choose their activities. The Junior Class is looking for Juniors and Seniors who would like to help with Prom. If you want to be on the decorating committee for prom there will be a meeting on Tuesday March 9th at 2:00 P.M. in the art room, #27. We hope to see you there!


3-5-21:  Sophomore Fundraiser

Attention Sophomores!

Don’t forget about the Sophomore fundraiser happening between now and March 5. Please check your email for more information. See Ms. Anderson, Mrs. Ator, or Ms. Windisch with any questions.


3-2-21:  Dress Up Spirit Days

Wow!! It’s March and that means a little fun called March Madness. The Student Council will be sponsoring dress up spirit days every week in March. This week will be on Thursday (A-Day) and Friday (B Day) and then only Fridays for the rest of March.

Get your outfit together, have some Fun and show a little school spirt. Any student who participates will get a ticket each week and be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate at the end of March.

This week on Thursday or Friday dress in your Favorite Team shirt or Sports Jersey. Get creative this can be any high school team, college or professional sports team.


2-26-21:  Detention Information

PM detentions may be served from 2:05pm to 2:35pm in room 14 with Ms. Schnowske.

AM detentions may be served from 7:25am to 7:55am in room 23 with Mrs. Ganson.  You will need to make prior arrangements with Mrs. Ganson to serve AM detentions.


2-23-21:  Student Council “Warm It Up”

Let’s “Warm it Up” GHS, the Student Council will be sponsoring a “Warm it Up” collection of NEW hats, mittens, scarves, and socks. Please bring in your new donations any day next week. Collection bins will be in the main hall before school. If you donate, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift card. So get ready to give, but ready to WIN!! Warm up this chilly time of year for those in need, all donations will be donated to local resources.


2-19-21:  Course Requests for 2021-2022

Skyward will be closing to course requesting for the 2021-2022 school year at 3 PM today. Course requests must be entered in Skyward before 3 PM TODAY. Please visit the Counseling Website for more information on scheduling.


2-19-21:  Recycle Reminder

Just a friendly reminder from environmental club, make sure to use minimal plastics this weekend, and recycle everything recyclable.


2-18-21:  GHS Library Books

This is a reminder that there are several locations to return GHS library books.  There are tubs outside the library door and between the main doors at the front entrance of the school.  There are also light blue library book return cubes in each English teacher’s classroom.  If you have any questions about a book, you can email Mrs. Brucher or Mrs. VanVooren.


2-18-21:  Student Parking

Student parking is available in the West lot and Facility lot.  Student parking is not permitted in the South lot and on the street, in front of the school.  Students must have purchased a parking tag and have it visible in the front window in order to park.  If you are a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior who need to purchase a tag, pick up an Authorization form outside the Assistant Principal’s Office.  This must be presented and signed before purchasing a tag.


2-12-21:  After School Detentions

Just a reminder, you may serve detentions from 2:05 to 2:35 in Room 14.  Please arrive on time.  Discipline must be served in order to participate in 2nd semester activities and athletics.


2-11-21:  Pledge of Allegiance 

Attention Students:  If you would like to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and lunch menu in the morning over the intercom, please stop by the Front Office to sign up.


2-11-21:  Graduation Package

Free Cap and Gown Email


2-9-21:  Radio Club

GHS Radio Club will meet Tuesday, February 9th after school in the radio studio.  Any students with an interest in radio broadcasting are invited to attend.


2-5-21:  Valentine’s Crush Cans 

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and it’s time to remember some fun traditions. This school year has been a bit of a bummer, so why not cheer someone up with a Valentine’s can of CRUSH pop?  Student Council members are selling crush pop to be sent to your secret crush or best friend. All cans are sold for 75 cents, but can be returned and the secret CRUSH is revealed for 50 cents. Don’t miss out. If you can’t find a Student Council member, see Mrs. Laingen or Mrs. Brewer to order.


2-5-21:  Graduation Announcements 

Order your Custom Graduation Announcements!

There’s a limited quantity available of Announcements and they are selling out fast! Order them now, before they are gone!

Send Graduation Announcements to family and friends to announce the Graduation of your Senior. Graduation is the culmination of 12 years of hard work and dedication, and that is something to CELEBRATE!

Use promocode, “CELEBRATE15” by February 7th to receive $15 off ANY Graduation Package! These are huge savings! Order your Custom Graduation Announcements before they sell out!



2-1-21:  Volunteers needed at Millikin

Millikin Elementary School has adopted a new program “Extended School Day – ESD”.  They are looking for HS students who would be willing to volunteer.

They operate ESD from 2:15-3:15 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you have questions or you are interested, please contact Mrs. Boone at Millikin.


1-29-21:  Study Hall Release

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior February study hall release privilege has been reviewed.  To qualify for Study Hall Release, please make sure all unserved discipline has been served and all grades are above a D in all of your classes.  Please note: your parent or guardian may request that you are required to stay in study hall. Please make sure to take care of any outstanding obligations if you wish to qualify for release. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who do not qualify for February study hall release will be notified on Thursday, January 28th, or Friday, January 29th. Thank you.


1-28-21:  Student Council Meeting 

Attention Student Council: We will be having an in-person meeting this week. In fact we are having two, one on Thursday for A-day students and one on Friday for B-day students. The meetings will be held this Thursday and Friday in the Theater at 7:45 am. Please report as soon as you enter school and get your temperature taken, as the meeting will be short. Any student interested in being in Student Council is welcome to come and check us out. We are very excited to be back and get to planning some fun events for our school. Don’t miss out!!


1-22-21:  Study Hall Release

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior February study hall release privilege will be reviewed next Monday, January 25th.  To qualify for Study Hall Release, please make sure all unserved discipline has been served and all grades are above a D in all of your classes.  Please note: your parent or guardian may request that you are required to stay in study hall. Please make sure to take care of any outstanding obligations if you wish to qualify for release. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who do not qualify for February study hall release will be notified next Thursday, January 28th, or Friday, January 29th. Thank you.


1-22-21:  Senior Class Favorites 

Attention Seniors:  The results are in!  Your votes have been counted and class favorites are as follows:

Class Motto:  “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”  – Dale Carnegie

Class Color:  Green

Class Song:  Ain’t No Mountain High Enough:  Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Class Flower:  Agave Ocahui

Class Bird:  Peacock


1-22-21:  Hats & Stocking Caps 

Attention Students:  Please remove any hats or stocking caps at this time.  They are not permitted from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


1-15-21:  After School Detentions 

After school detentions are offered from 2:05 to 2:35 pm on school days in classroom #14 with Ms. Schnowske.  Please be aware that you may serve on the days you are in attendance.  In order to be eligible for some privileges discipline must be complete.


1-15-21:  Parking Tags

Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores:  Student parking tags will be available for purchase on Thursday and Friday at the end of your scheduled school day from 2:00 to 2:30 pm.  You may only purchase on a day that you are scheduled to be on campus.  Parking Acknowledgement forms are available outside the Assistant Principal’s office, please complete this and have it available upon purchasing a student parking tag.  Your Skyward account will be charged $35 for the cost of the parking tag.  Please be sure you do not have any outstanding fees or discipline to be eligible to purchase a tag.


1-15-21:  Graduation Orders

Don’t be left out in the cold… ORDER NOW!

Our Fall 2020 Cap & Gown prices are FROZEN, but it won’t last long! The prices thaw out after January 18th and they will go up.

Don’t forget to get your Graduation Announcements NOW, before they sell out! Be sure to add Namecards & Envelope Seals to complete your formal Announcement.

That’s right, 2020 pricing is extended thru January 18th, no promocode required! Don’t miss the chance to order your Graduation products before the prices increase.

Order online:


1-15-21:  Senior Hall of Fame pictures

Senior Hall of Fame pictures need to be scheduled this week to be featured in the yearbook.



1-12-21:  Radio Club 

GHS Radio Club will meet Tuesday, January 12 after school in the radio studio.  Any students with an interest in radio broadcasting are invited to attend.


Remote Learning Expectations


Semester 2 GHS Hybrid & Remote Schedules - Google Docs copy (dragged)





12-11-20:  Yearbook Orders

Yearbook orders should be placed through Skyward or by visiting and make sure to order before the end of 2020 or the price increases.


12-10-20:  Virtual Spirit Week 

Join in the fun! Student Council is hosting a virtual spirit week Dec. 14th- Dec.18th. For a chance to win post a picture of yourself on our google classroom by using the join code nfjxznw

Days are as follows:
Monday: No Mirror Monday- Pajama Day 
Tuesday: Timber Tuesday- Dress in Flannel
Wednesday: Winter Wonderland Wednesday- Dress in White and Blue or other Winter Gear 
Thursday: Holiday Movie Character Day 
Friday: Festive Friday- Wear an ugly holiday sweater or make an ugly Christmas mask.


12-8-20:  Course Change 2nd Semester & 2nd Semester Schedule Previews

2nd semester schedule previews will be found in the Portfolio area of your student’s Skyward account during the week of December 7th-11th. If your student is interested in applying for a course change 2nd semester, please fill out the attached form, including a compelling educational reason for the change, and send it to The form must be sent by 2:00 PM on December 11th for the change request to be considered. The change will be reflected in the schedule when they re-open January 1st, 2021, if approved. If the change was denied, you will receive an email from your student’s counselor. If you have general questions regarding your student’s classes or schedule, please contact their counselor.

*Please note, there may be hour/teacher changes before schedules re-open after Winter break. This review is not a final schedule, and is not guaranteed for 2nd semester.*

2nd Semester Course Change Request


Linda VanDerLeest – Students last name: A-G



Alexandria Ator – Students last name: H-P



Kathy Buysse – Students last name: Q-Z and all students with an IEP




12-8-20:  3rd Quarter Learning Choice

Geneseo High School will keep your student’s choice of learning (100% Remote, or Hybrid) the same for 3rd quarter as it was for 2nd quarter, unless you contact us to make a change. Please email by 2:00 p.m. on December 11th for any changes or questions.

*Please note, 100% remote choices must remain 100% remote for the entire 3rd quarter*



12-8-20:  Behind The Wheel

**Behind The Wheel is suspended at this time due to COVID.  Please be understanding and flexible.  If, based on your students’ age, they were scheduled to drive during 2nd semester, you may still see BTW in their schedule.  At this time, it is merely a placeholder for when/if we are able to resume Behind The Wheel.  It is not a guarantee that they will drive 2nd semester, and it may be removed at any time.  If you are concerned about this timeline, and your students will be going elsewhere for driving instruction, please contact immediately, so we can plan accordingly.  Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.**


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