Friday, May 20, 2022 


Green = New Announcement


Hallway Padlock Reminder:

Attention All Students:  Hallway locker padlocks are to be taken home and brought back next fall.  If your padlock has been lost or stolen, please stop by the Athletic Office and purchase a new one.  Any padlocks left on lockers after the last day of school will be considered lost and you will be charged the $10.00 lost padlock fee.  Students not returning in the fall, please turn in your padlock to the Athletic Office. 


Lunch ID Reminder:

Attention Students: You need to keep your Lunch ID and bring it back with you next school year.  When you take your padlock home over the summer keep your Lunch ID with that so you have it when we return in the Fall. 


Here are the main dishes on our lunch lines today:

Darnall’s Diner


Deli Line


Green Machine Grill


Red = Last Day Posted